Mahopac Home Inspectors

You've found it! After all of the searching - online, open houses, visiting with your Mahopac Agent - you've found home of your dreams. Finding home inspectors to investigate perhaps your biggest investment is an simple decision. What should you really expect from a home inspection? There's a significant difference in what another home inspectors in Mahopac offer. You really need "A home inspection the way it should be".

Having personally inspected thousands of properties throughout Mahopac, I've discovered that no person ever sees it all. There's always some new surprise when you very least expect it. However, I've also found some standard types of property problems which rear their unsightly heads as frequently as the sun goes up, not just in older Mahopac houses, but often in a new one, even before the scent of brand new paint develop into a memory.

Professional Mahopac Home Inspectors

Although I do take the time to inspect your Mahopac property thoroughly, I also take time to show you the findings so you fully understand your home's condition. My home inspection reports are simple to read, computer generated and individualized with digital snapshots of your brand-new home. When finished, you will have an even better understanding of the products of your home and the way in which it operates. Your report will be your home reference handbook to refer to when needed. When you have inquiries before, throughout or after the inspection, simply ask me. I'll do everything I can to assist you with the inspection process. From the inspection agreement, the inspection itself, understanding your report and addressing each and every question you might have. You may call with any question or for any reason between the hours of 6 AM to 10:00 PM, 7 days a week. If I do not have the answer for you immediately, I can ask over 8,000 home inspectors members of the International Association of Certified Home Inspector (InterNACHI) whom I can ask any question 24 hours a day and generally have an answer in a couple of hours.

Custom Home Inspection- Absolutely no two properties throughout the Mahopac area the same and never everyone needs nor wants exactly the same home inspection. A rehabber within Mahopac requires a different inspection than a family outside the Mahopac area. I offer different kinds of home inspections so you can get the inspection that fits YOUR individual needs.

Detailed Mahopac Home Inspectors - exactly what kind of inspection you decided on, your Mahopac home inspection covers all the details that are imperative to YOU. I schedule a maximum of two customers per day to ensure that I can devote the necessary time and energy to finish your home inspection the way it should be. My home inspection reports includes your attendance and final walk-through about your property and normal maintenance and safety tips.

Honest Home Inspection- I have zero incentive to record something other than the true condition of your Mahopac residence. I just do home inspections and do not offer repairs or recommendations for any conditions may be found. I do not work with the Mahopac Realtors - even when they referred me to you. I work exclusively for you and try everything to make your home inspection as easy for you as possible.

Guaranteed Service- It’s actually simple - you should be completely satisfied with your home inspection. If you're not satisfied with my work, tell me just before you get your Mahopac home inspection report, and I will make it right, or you do not pay.

If you need price, make sure you call me at (877)723-0011 (I answer my phone 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, seven days a week) or complete my online contact form. I'll have a firm price for you that's good for 30 days.