Bethel Home Inspection

You've found it! After all of the researching - on the web, open houses, visiting with your Bethel Realtor - you have located home of your dreams. Having Home Inspector to investigate possibly your most significant investment is an very easy decision. But what should you really expect from a home inspection? There's a huge difference with what another Home Inspector in Bethel, CT offer you. You want "A home inspection the way it should be".

Having professionally inspected thousands of properties in Westchester and Fairfield County, I've discovered that no person ever sees it all. Often there is a new big surprise when you least expect it. However, I've also identified typical types of home imperfections which rear their ugly heads as much as the sun rises, not only to older Bethel properties, but often in brand new ones, before the odor of brand new paint become a memory.

Licensed Bethel Home Inspection

Despite the fact that I do take time to inspect your Bethel house carefully, I also take time to show you the results so you completely understand your property's condition. My home inspection reports are really easy to read, pc generated and individualized having digital pictures of your new house. When finished, you will have a better comprehension of the systems of your house and the way in which it works. Your report will be your home reference manual to refer to as needed. If you have questions before, throughout or following the inspection, just ask me. I am going to do everything I can to help you with the inspection process. With the inspection agreement, the inspection itself, knowing your report and answering each and every question you might have. You could call with any question or for any reason between the hours of 6 AM to 10:00 PM, 7 days a week. If I don't have the answer for you immediately, I'm able to ask over 8,000 Home Inspection associates of the International Association of Certified Home Inspector (InterNACHI) who I can ask any question 24 / 7 and generally have an answer in a couple of hours.

Custom Home Inspection- No two homes in Bethel area the same and not everyone needs nor wants the same home inspection. A rehabber in Bethel requires a different inspection than a family outside the Bethel area. I provide several types of home inspections in order to get the inspection that fits YOUR individual needs.

Comprehensive Bethel Home Inspection - exactly what kind of inspection you choose, your Bethel home inspection will cover all the details that are necessary to YOU. I plan a maximum of two clients per day so that I can devote the specified time for you to finish your home inspection the way should be. My home inspection reports also includes your attendance and final walk-through about your house and normal maintenance and safety tips.

Objective Home Inspection- I have absolutely no incentive to report anything other than the real condition of your Bethel residence. I just do home inspections and do not offer repairs or contacts for any conditions that may be found. I don't work with the Bethel Realtors - regardless of whether they referred me to you. I work exclusively for you and try everything to make your home inspection as easy for you as possible.

Guaranteed Service- It’s really simple - you need to be totally satisfied with your home inspection. If you are not happy with my work, tell me just before you receive your Bethel home inspection report, and I will make it right, or you don't pay.

If you need price, be sure to call me at (877)723-0011 (I answer my phone 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, 7 days a week) or submit my online contact form. I'll have a firm price for you that's good for 30 days.

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